Malkey Way UTAUs


Song usage/Voicebank guidelines:

You CAN:
Use them in a cover
Use them in an Original song
Use them in a chorus
Edit the oto.ini if you feel the need to

You CAN’T:
Use them in any R-18 song
Use them in a talkloid without our permission
Use them without crediting us
Claim the voicebanks/characters as your own
Use them for commercial purposes

Please remember to:
credit us when they’re used
show us if you’ve done something with them

☆ ☆ ☆

Fanart guidelines:

You can pretty much do anything EXCEPT:
Draw R-18 pictures of them (except maybe Kagi and Kiran)
Use them in ‘hate’ art
Use them in any type of religious art

☆ ☆ ☆

Misc. guidelines:

Don’t roleplay as them without permission
Credit Mika as MikaPuna or KeyRei
Credit Maru as PinkuPurinsu / The Pink Prince
Credit both of us as Malkey Way UTAUs